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Starfield: Where to Find Your Dream Home



Starfield: Dream Home

Starfield offers a variety of playstyles to the players from which they can choose one by selecting the Traits for the character while creating their character. All the traits have their Pros and Cons which players have to keep in mind while selecting the Traits but the “Dream Home” trait can give players a home right from the start of the game that they can visit and decorate to their liking.

Looking to know where to find your Dream Home in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in finding your Dream Home in Starfield.

Where to Find Your Dream Home in Starfield

The players who have selected the Dream Home trait at the beginning will get to visit their Dream Home right from the start of the game. Once players have completed the One Small Step mission, they will unlock the “Dream Home” side mission automatically.

NOTE: This quest will only unlock if you have the Dream Home Trait.

Once the quest is active, you will be able to go to your Dream Home. To find the Dream Home, you need to go to Nesoi Planet in the Olympus System. The Olympus system is next to the Alpha Centauri System so, you will be able to find it easily. Use the Spacemap to travel to Nesoi and select the Dream Home location to visit your Dream Home.

How to Pay Mortgage of Dream Home

As mentioned earlier, all traits have Pros and Cons and for you to completely own a house, you will have to pay a 125,000 Credits mortgage to Galbank in New Atlantis. You can go and talk to Landry Hollifeld at the Galbank to learn about your options to pay the Mortgage. You will have to pay the full price upfront to get the house or you can pay 500 Credits every week which is an interest-only mortgage payment that will allow you access to the house for 1 week.

You can choose to pay 500 credits every week until you have earned 125,000 credits to pay the full mortgage to get the house. Read our guide on how to earn credits fast in Starfield to earn money quickly and pay the mortgage to get full access to your Dream Home at any time.

That is all related to where to find your Dream Home in Starfield.

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