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Starfield: The Old Neighborhood – Walkthrough



Starfield: The Old Neighborhood

The Old Neighborhood is the second main mission in Starfield that players will get to complete after completing the One Small Step mission. We will be covering all the objectives of The Old Neighborhood mission in this guide to help you with each step of the main quest.

The Old Neighborhood – Walkthrough

To start the Old Neighborhood main quest, players will have to talk to Sarah at the Lodge and agree to go with her to get information from Sarah’s Contact about another Artifact piece.

Talk to Sarah’s Contact

Go out of the Lodge and make your way to the UC Vanguard operation to talk to Commander Tuala. He will tell you about a person named Moara who had a fancy metal ornament in his possession and he helps patrol the Old Neighborhood.

Ask About Moara in Cydonia

After talking to Commander Tuala, open the missions tab and select the course to Sol System. Fast Travel to Sol System and wait for the scan to complete. Open the Spacemap and select the Cydonia Landing Destination on Mars to land. Exit the ship and go inside the Cydonia. Once you have entered Cydonia, take a first right and then left to reach a bar. Talk to Jack at the counter and ask him about Moara. Jack will not give the information easily so, you will have to bribe him, persuade him, or let Sarah speak with him. Select any of the options you see fit to get information about Moara.

Go to Venus

After getting the information, open the Spacemap and set a course to Venus to travel there.

Examine the Satellite

Once you have reached Venus, Sarah will fill you in on the situation and tell you to get data from the satellite nearby. There will be enemies patrolling the space so, it is best to avoid the fight and only focus on getting the data. If you get seen by the enemies’ ships, the space combat will start which is a pretty tough fight to win. Either the case, fly near the satellite and use the scanner to get the data.

Go to Nova Galactic Staryard

Open the Spacemap to find the Nova Galatic Staryard location and set your course to travel there. Once there, fly close to the Space station and use the scanner to dock at the space station.

Find Any Clues About Moara

The Nova Galactic Staryard will be filled with Ecliptic enemies. Make your way through the space station by clearing out the enemies and as you go down into the Space Station, you will find Vanguard Moara’s Slate. Pick it up to complete the objective.

Go to Neptune

After picking up the Slate, you need to get out of the Nova Galactic Staryard and get back to your ship. Once you have reached your ship, open the Spacemap to fast travel to Neptune.

Damage Moara’s Ship

As you get to Neptune, you will see Moara’s Ship in space but as you get close, it will start moving and shooting back at you. Shoot Moara’s Ship to disable it and then go close the ship to dock onto it.

Clear Moara’s Ship of Hostiles

Go to Moara’s Ship and clear it of the enemies on board. After taking out all of the enemies, make your way to the Cockpit to find Moara and talk to him.

Take the Artifact

After talking to Moara, take the Artifact next to the Pilot Seat of the ship.

Return to the Lodge

Exit Moara’s Ship and take control of the Frontier and then undock from Moara’s Ship. Open the Spacemap and fast-travel to the Lodge location on Planet Jemison. Go inside the Lodge and place the Artifact. Listen to the Meeting to conclude the quest.


Completing the Old Neighborhood quest will give the following rewards.

  • Unlock Sarah Morgan as a Crew Member
  • 400 XP
  • 8,000 Credits

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