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Street Fighter 6: How to Increase Bond with Characters



Street Fighter 6: How to Increase Bond with Characters

In the captivating World Tour mode of Street Fighter 6, the bond between players and their chosen Characters/Masters holds great importance. Increasing the bond is crucial for unlocking the coveted Outfit 2 for each character, specifically tied to their original outfit. To obtain these outfits, players must raise the bond level of characters to 100. This guide provides essential tips on how to effectively increase the bond with characters in Street Fighter 6.

How to Increase Bond with Characters in Street Fighter 6

Individual Bond Meters

Each Character/Master has their own dedicated bond meter. Increasing the bond with one character does not affect the bond level of others. Players must manually interact with each character to raise their individual bond levels.

Give Gifts

The most effective method to increase bonds is by giving gifts to the characters. Gift-giving exponentially enhances the relationship with the character. It is possible to repeatedly give the same gift, as it consistently boosts the bond level. Gifts can be obtained by looting SiRN Chests scattered throughout Metro City or by purchasing them from various merchants and shops across the World Map.

However, there is a specific gift for each character that accelerates the bonding process. These preferred gifts can only be acquired from specific merchants located in various countries. While it may require a significant amount of money, obtaining these unique gifts will expedite the bond increase with the characters.

Street Fighter 6: How to Increase Bond with Characters

Complete Masters’ Missions

Enrolling new masters unlocks their respective missions, which, when completed, contribute to increasing the bond level. To quickly enhance the bond, it is advisable to align your Avatar’s Style with that of the particular Master, as it yields additional Style Exp.

Spar with Your Masters

As you progress through the Master’ Missions, opportunities to spar with your master will arise. Emerging victorious in these sparring sessions significantly boosts the relationship with the Masters. Winning the sparring sessions unlocks new missions and interactions, further strengthening the bond.

Interact with Your Masters

Unlocking new move sets for your master also unlocks new interactions. Engaging in conversations with your Master provides valuable insights into their character and backstory. These interactions contribute to increasing the bond level with your Master.

By implementing these strategies, you can cultivate strong bonds with each character in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode. Unlock their Outfit 2 and forge a powerful connection that will enhance your gameplay experience.”

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