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Street Fighter 6: How to Travel the World in World Tour Mode



Street Fighter 6: How to Travel the World in World Tour Mode

Street Fighter 6’s Story Mode offers an extensive array of content for players, including the opportunity to travel beyond the confines of Metro City in the USA. By embarking on World Travel in World Tour mode, players can explore different countries, meet new Characters/Masters, and learn their unique moves sets. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of World Travel in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.

How to Travel the World in World Tour Mode

Unlocking World Travel

To initiate World Travel in World Tour mode, you must first unlock the World Travel mechanic. Initially, World Travel is not available at the start of the Story Mode. As you progress through the main missions and chapters, the World Travel feature will be unlocked. After completing the 2nd Chapter, you will gain access to explore Metro City at nighttime. Further along in the story, you will encounter an NPC named “Counterfeiter Leonardo” located on Skywalk Lane.

Meeting Counterfeiter Leonardo

Interact with Counterfeiter Leonardo and complete his assigned objectives. Once you have accomplished these tasks, he will provide you with Flight Tickets, which are essential for World Travel. Additionally, you will unlock the World Map App on your in-game device. To access it, press the Touchpad and select the World Map icon.

How to Travel the World in World Tour Mode

Initiating World Travel

Upon unlocking the World Travel App, you can freely fly to various countries and meet with Masters to unlock new Special Moves. To embark on your first World Travel, select the World Map App from your in-game device. This will transport you to Italy. To return to Metro City in the USA, repeat the process and choose Metro City from the World Map App.

Available Countries in World Tour Mode

Throughout the main story, you will unlock access to different countries as part of the World Tour mode. The following countries can be visited in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode:

  • Metro City, Carrior Byron Taylor – USA
  • Colosseo – Italy
  • King Street – United Kingdom
  • Ranger’s Hut – Brazil
  • Bather’s Beach – Jamaica
  • Old Nayshall – Nayshall
  • Genbu Temple – Japan

Fast Travel Option

Once the World Travel App is unlocked, you have the option to utilize Fast Travel to these locations. Open the Map App on your in-game device and press the Triangle Button. This will display all available fast travel points, including the World Map. By selecting the desired location, you can instantly travel there. Keep in mind that both regular travel and fast travel options consume 1x Flight Ticket per flight. To obtain more Flight Tickets, complete missions or overcome challenges within the game.

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