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Street Fighter 6: Character Creation Guide



Street Fighter 6: Character Creation Guide

Street Fighter 6 has one of the best in-depth Character Creations in the game that will let you create your desired character. Even before the game was released, the Avatar Creator of the game was shown to the public which was pretty impressive. Now, the game is fully released and it is even more promising as you will be playing and completing the Story Mode of the game with your own created Avatar. So, if you want to play the Story Mode of the game, you will be asked to create the Avatar with whom you want to pursue. In this guide, we’ll tell you about all the Character Creation options that you will witness in Street Fighter 6.

Character Creation in Street Fighter 6

The Character Creation in Street Fighter 6 is done via a system named “Avatar Creator” which is a highly detailed system. You can select between numerous options of customization for your Avatar. You will be introduced to this system in the following modes of Street Fighter 6.

  • World Tour (Story Mode)
  • Battle Hub (Multiplayer)

You can create your own Avatar or select the previously created Avatars or unlocked Street Fighters in the Battle Hub but you will have to create a new one while playing the World Tour Mode for the first time.

Avatar Creator

Once you have started a new story mode game, you will be introduced to the Avatar Creator and you will get to create your character by the following tabs.

  • Type
  • Presets
  • Avatar
  • Face
  • Body Features
  • Facial Features
  • Color
  • Voice

In the Type, you will get to select the Male or Female Body Type and then you can pursue the Avatar Creation by changing the tabs. If you select the Male Body Type, the Presets will show you the Male Presets, and if you select the Female Body Type, the Presets will show you the Female Presets. There are 18 different Presets for each Body Type and you can even change the presets of Body separately. It makes the customization vaster and gives you the opportunity to create a unique Avatar even with Presets options. Also, you can Randomize the Avatar/Body of Avatar.

In the rest of the Tabs, it is where you will manually create your Avatar. You will get to select and edit all possible Facial and Body Details of an Avatar. There are tons of options in each of the tabs and if you really love spending time creating your Avatar then you will certainly enjoy it. You can create whatever you like, a fit Male/Female to Skinny Male/Female, or even Goofy (I Know it does sound weird) but you can make it.

Street Fighter 6: Character Creation Guide

Once you have created your desired Avatar, just hit the designated Key for Finalize option and you will get to name your character. Enter a name for your character and take a photo for your ID Card and you will join the Buckler Training Course where Luke is your Coach.

The creatable limit is endless and you can make whatever Avatar you like. Also, you can make multiple Avatars so, there is so much room to test out all of the options that you have missed in your first time creating the Avatar. So, feel free to fully invest your time in Avatar Creation to invent the Street Fighter you always wanted. Maybe, it comes out strong and will earn you wins against the other created Avatars in the Battle Hub.

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