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Street Fighter 6: How to Sell Items in World Tour



Street Fighter 6: How to Sell Items in World Tour

The World Tour Mode of Street Fighter 6 is a Story Mode where players will get to create their own Avatar and explore the Metro City along with other cities to search for the meaning of Strength. As players progress in the main story and explore the streets of the cities, they will come to find numerous items. These items can be consumables as well as resources that can be used to alter a gear item. However, not all of the items are worth keeping so, you would have to sell the items to make money. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Sell Items in Street Fighter 6.

How to Sell Items in the World Tour Mode of Street Fighter 6

The items can be obtained by defeating the enemies by fulfilling the fight challenges, completing the missions and quests, and finding the SiRN Chests spread around the streets of Metro City. These items can be used during the fight to enhance your defense or offense for a certain period of time. Some of the items are used to alter your gear’s color but they are not very useful so, these items are mostly used for selling to make money. You will get a number of items that you will not find useful in your journey so the best thing to do is to find vendors. Now, there are two types of vendors in the World Tour Mode.

  • General Stores
  • Eateries

The General Stores are the shops through which you can buy different items or gear items. The Eateries are the food stalls on the streets through which you can food items to regenerate your Vitality. Now, by interacting with both kinds of Vendors, you will be able to sell items and Gear Items. There is no selling price difference between them so, you can choose any vendor you want. Simply interact with the vendor and select the Sell option. Select the items under the Sell option to sell them and get Zenny (Money) in return. If you are holding old Gear Items that you no longer need, then definitely sell them.

How to Sell Items in the World Tour Mode of Street Fighter 6

Consumables like Energy Drinks and Supplements are more useful in keeping as they will increase your Vitality and overall attributes. For the rest of the consumables and items, you can sell them to make extra money on the side.

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