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Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Fast



Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Fast

Leveling Up in Street Fighter 6 will surely make you stronger and more proficient in your combat style which will help you a lot in shaping your character’s combat moves, skills, and much more. You will be introduced to the Leveling Up mechanic pretty early in the World Tour mode of the game. Leveling Up your character will increase his/her maximum Vitality which will ultimately increase the chances of surviving the fights. However, you also need to focus on other things that will increase your attributes in a way through which you can level up your character more quickly. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up fast in Street Fighter 6.

How to Level Up Fast in Street Fighter 6

When it comes to leveling up your character in Street Fighter 6, you will find the process pretty easy. Just engage NPCs in a fight to earn EXP which will ultimately Level Up your character. Yes, the basic and main way to level up your character is exactly that but in order to Level Up your character fast, you need to switch up the method just a bit. Instead of fighting a lower-level NPC, you need to at least fight the NPC who is the same level as yours or higher than yours. The recommendation is that you engage with a higher-level NPC and by defeating the higher-level NPC, you will get relatively more EXP than in regular fights.

You will find a number of higher-level NPCs standing around minding their own business and you can just walk up to them and challenge them to a fight. Obviously, they will be more challenging but that is where you can use the Items that you have been getting from completing the quests or buying from the vendors. All of the items have certain effects that will increase your power for a certain time. It will help you to come out victorious even in more challenging fights. So, make sure to consider yourself in taking more difficult challenges to earn more EXP.

TIP: A lot of Higher-Level NPCs come at Nighttime. Make sure to dominate the streets in the Nighttime to bank out High EXP.

Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Fast

Increasing your Character’s Level Up more quickly will earn you a lot of different items and Skill Points. You need to utilize the Skill Points to buy new skills. Each Skill will increase a certain attribute of your character and end up unlocking a slot for a new combat move. You need to unlock as many skills as you can to add more moves to your combat move set. It will increase your probability of winning the fights more often and ultimately level you up more quickly.

There are also rare gear items that have certain perks on them. Wearing these rare gear items will also increase your certain attributes. However, the gear items are very expensive and they come at a hefty cost so, make sure to check our guide on how to earn money if you are struggling with earning money.

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