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Street Fighter 6: How to Earn Money or Zenny



Street Fighter 6: How to Earn Money or Zenny

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode is filled with a lot of content that you will not see in the previous street fighter games’ story modes. The World Tour takes place in a city named Metro City and you have the leisure to go on and explore the Metro City while you complete the quests and fight random NPCs around the city. Like any other story game in which you need money to buy necessary items, you will be introduced to Zenny which is a primary currency in the World Tour Mode. You will be using Zenny to Buy items, snacks, clothes, and much more so, you will have to earn it to make things easier for yourself. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Earn Money or Zenny in Street Fighter 6.

How to Earn Money or Zenny in Street Fighter 6

Zenny is the primary currency in World Tour Mode of Street Fighter 6 and you will be needing it to get anything your heart desires. Whether it’s a consumable item with various effects or it’s a cool-looking outfit for your Avatar, you will have to pay for it in order to get it. Now, there are a number of ways through which you can earn money in Street Fighter 6.

  • Complete Missions and Quests
    • The primary and main way to get a decent amount of Zenny is by completing the missions and quests in the World Tour. You need to track the Missions you have unlocked and then complete the missions to get the rewards. The rewards will contain several items along with Zenny as a primary reward. So, open your device to see if you have any notifications on the Missions Icon.
  • Do Part-Time Work
    • There is a lot of Part-Time Jobs in Metro City that you can choose to complete to earn some extra money. These Part-Time Jobs are like the small mini-games that you have to play in order to complete the job. They are fairly easy and you can also choose to replay them often again to keep earning extra money. These jobs can be found easily on the map with the Brown Zenny Coins icon. If you happen to see any job pop up on the map, make sure to complete it.
  • Complete Fight Conditions
    • Every battle you fight in World Tour has a list of conditions that you can complete to earn extra money. These conditions can be seen by pressing the Options Button during the fight or at the start of the fight. The more conditions you complete, the more money you will get. The conditions will change in every fight so make sure to check them before taking down your opponent. Since there is about everyone who is up for a fight in Metro City so keep challenging them for a fight to earn a decent amount of money.
Street Fighter 6: How to Earn Money or Zenny
  • Sell Unwanted Items
    • By completing the Missions and Exploring, you will get all sorts of items. You can choose to keep the consumables that you think are useful for you in future fights but if there is any item that doesn’t require your attention then you can sell it to earn extra money. You can sell items to stores and vendors around the Metro City so feel free to go inside the shop or interact with a vendor to sell the items.
  • Loot SiRN Chests
    • As you explore the Metro City in World Tour Mode, you will come to find a number of SiRN Chests. These chests contain useful items and a decent amount of Zenny so, it is definitely worth looting the chests.

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