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Street Fighter 6: How to Change Gear Items or Appearance of Your Avatar



How to Get New Gear Items for Your Avatar

Street Fighter 6 allows players to create their own Avatars in the World Tour Mode of the game. Players will get to explore the Metro City and beyond along with learning new Special Moves and obtaining gear items for their Avatars. The Gear Items play a crucial role in keeping up the attributes of the Avatar so, players will have to unlock and buy new Gear Items as they progress through the story. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change gear items or the appearance of your avatar in Street Fighter 6.

How to Change Gear Items or Appearance of Your Avatar in Street Fighter 6

As players complete the main missions and quests in the World Tour Mode, they will be rewarded with different items and obviously money. Some of the missions and activities in the world will reward you with Gear Items that players can equip to change the look or increase their certain attributes if the gear item has any. In order to change the Gear Item, follow the following steps.

  • Press the Touchpad to open your Device.
  • Scroll to the Stats Icon and select it.
  • Browse through the Gear Tab to change the Fighting Style along with all the Gear Items.
  • Simply select the Gear Item in its designated category to equip it.

There is a category for each Gear Item so browse through the categories and select the Gear item from each category to change your Gear Items or Appearance. Gear Items are basically the Clothes and Accessory Items so, so equipping new ones will change your Appearance but some Gear Items also have certain effects that will increase your attributes so, equipping them would be useful.

How to Change Gear Items or Appearance of Your Avatar in Street Fighter 6

How to Get New Gear Items for Your Avatar

You can get new Gear Items for your Avatar by the following methods.

  • Buy Gear Items from General Stores
  • Complete Missions
  • Find and Loot SiRN Chests

If you complete the missions and chapters of the Story Mode, you will automatically unlock some good Gear Items. If you want to find rare ones then look for the SiRN Chests spread around in the Metro City or you can buy them from the Clothing Stores or General Stores. However, buying the Gear Items can be very expensive so, if you are rich enough then probably buying them will make your adventure a lot easier.

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