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Tears of the Kingdom: A Guide to Avoiding Lightning Strikes



Tears of the Kingdom: A Guide to Avoiding Lightning Strikes

Are you an adventurer braving the treacherous world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? As you explore diverse regions, including extreme cold and hot areas, thunderstorms become a menacing climate threat. In these thunderstorm areas, you face the peril of lightning strikes that can instantly end your journey if you lack sufficient hearts and even break your weapons. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will reveal effective strategies to avoid lightning strikes in Tears of the Kingdom, ensuring your safety and progress.

How to Avoid Lightning Strikes in Tears of the Kingdom

Discover two tried-and-tested methods that will shield you from the wrath of lightning in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Unequip Weapons and Armor Made of Steel
    • The simplest and most common method, especially in the early stages of the game, involves disarming yourself with weapons and armor made of steel. Lightning is naturally drawn to steel, and when you find yourself in a thunderstorm-prone area, you’ll notice a telltale lightning glare flashing upon Link. This signifies an imminent lightning strike attracted by the steel equipment you hold. To protect yourself, either unequip all steel-based weapons and armor or switch to alternative gear without steel components.

To determine if your weapons or armor contain steel, open the inventory menu and navigate to the weapons/armor section. If you observe a gleaming shine on a weapon or armor piece, it indicates the presence of steel, rendering it unsuitable for thunderstorm traversal. Opt instead for equipment without any shine. By implementing this approach, you can confidently explore thunderstorm areas without fear of being struck by lightning.

How to Avoid Lightning Strikes in Tears of the Kingdom
  • Utilize Shock Resistance Armor
    • For enhanced protection against lightning strikes, harness the power of the Shock Resistance Armor. Tears of the Kingdom offers several sets of Shock Resistance Armor that provide invaluable defense against lightning. Two notable options are the Rubber Armor Set and Thunder Helm Set.

If fortune smiles upon you and you possess either of these armor sets, don them when venturing into thunderstorm-prone regions. These specialized armors effectively mitigate the adverse effects of lightning strikes, significantly reducing the risk to Link’s well-being. Equipped with the appropriate Shock Resistance Armor, you can fearlessly navigate thunderstorm areas, secure in the knowledge that lightning poses little threat.

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