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The Skywalker Saga: Revenge of the Sith: Level 5: The High Ground



The Skywalker Saga: Revenge of the Sith: Level 5: The High Ground

You will be playing as Obi-Wan Kenobi and the new level is The High Ground, you have to get to Padme to find out the whereabouts of Anakin. You have to get the taxi from the platform where the last level ended. There are a few Clone Troopers who kill them and get in the taxi transport to get to the East Apartments District. Once, you’ve reached there you need to follow the objective to get into the building but there are a few Clone Troopers outside the building. You’ve to kill them and enter the building and get into the big circle to continue the story level The High Ground.

The Skywalker Saga: Revenge of the Sith: Level 5: The High Ground

A cutscene will trigger when you continue the story where Obi-Wan Kenobi will ask Padme where is Anakin and that Anakin has become the new Apprentice of the Sith Lord.

A New Apprentice

You will now be playing as Padme and you will get out of the building to follow the objective. You need to get into the Padme’s Spaceship. The Cutscene will trigger for the spaceship and it will take it to the Mustafar. You will see a floating icon in the space to start the new Level: The High Ground. You will need to get to the icon and start the level.

The Skywalker Saga: Revenge of the Sith: Level 5: The High Ground

The High Ground

After you’ve started the level a cutscene will trigger, Showing Anakin reporting to his master Darth Sidious while Padme interferes and Anakin asks what’s she doing here and that they can both together rule this galaxy. Obi-Wan Kenobi comes and Anakin insists that if you’re not with me then you’re my enemy.

Defeating Anakin Skywalker

Now, after this cutscene, you’ve to fight Anakin Skywalker. You will be playing as Obi-Wan Kenobi to fight Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker has a couple of main Attacks. He has normal lightsaber swing attacks. His first main attack is a dash attack and a red straight line will appear on the ground, you’ve to roll to right or left in order to dodge this attack. His second main attack is he will through his lightsaber towards you, a red straight line will appear again for the range of his lightsaber, you have to get out of this range to dodge this attack. You can counter-attack him afterward. He will also be using Force to break big boxes which have studs and he will try to stab attack you. You have to dodge these big boxes and wait for him to attack you and then counter-attack him.

The Skywalker Saga: Revenge of the Sith: Level 5: The High Ground

After you’ve almost depleted Anakin Skywalker’s HP bar, He will use force to pull you towards him and try to attack you. Tap the attack button to counter-attack and Anakin Skywalker will then run from the platform and the door will get locked. Now you’ve to use a C-3P0 and play as him, you will get an option to Break Apart use it and get inside the big machine to unlock the power reactor. After you’ve done that there is another robot their R2-D2 control that and gets to the power reactor to use it and open the door. Once, the door gets open a cutscene will trigger where Anakin Skywalker is breaking down the Facility using Force. You’ve to fight Anakin Skywalker again. Anakin Skywalker will now be doing the same attacks as well as a ground slam attack. A big red circle will appear on the ground get out of that circle to dodge this attack and counter-attack Anakin Skywalker. All the other attacks are the same as before. He will be using the Ground slam attack quite often so, you’ve to be careful of that and use it to your advantage and attack him. After you’ve depleted his HP bar, he will once again run from the big room.

A cutscene will trigger where Anakin will use Force to through some parts from the roof to stop Obi-Wan Kenobi. You will destroy these parts and push towards Anakin. Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi will jump on a platform. Now, you’ve to play as C-3P0 and assist Obi-Wan Kenobi. Some robot enemies will come and you’ve to fight them. There are two buttons, you have to use both C-3P0 and R2-D2 and stand them both on each button. This will move the machine and help Obi-Wan Kenobi to give them more platform.

Now, you’ve to fight Anakin Skywalker on the platform below. This is a straight platform so; you don’t have much space for fighting. You will have to attack Anakin and dodge his attacks. There will be red circles appearing on the ground which will drop some rocks from above. So, you will have to get from the circle to dodge these rocks. Keep on attacking Anakin to deplete his HP bar.

Once, you’ve depleted his HP bar. A cutscene will trigger and the platform you’re fighting on will get broken down and be going down in the lava. You will climb up on the broken platform. You have to do this fast as it is going down in the lava. Once, you’ve climbed up to the top of the broken platform, there will be a flying space platform on the lava. You will be on one platform and Anakin Skywalker will be on another platform. He will use Force to pull Obi-Wan Kenobi onto his platform. You will fight Anakin on his flying platform. It’s a small platform, Anakin will be using his normal lightsaber swing attacks and jump swing attacks. You have to use your lightsaber attacks and dodge his attack to counter-attack him afterward.

The Skywalker Saga: Revenge of the Sith: Level 5: The High Ground

After Anakin’s HP bar is depleted once, again. Your ally robots will take control and you’ve to press a button and they will assist Obi-Wan Kenobi in breaking down the Anakin’s flying platform. But Anakin will jump to Another flying Platform nearby and you will fight him one last time. Anakin will do a dash attack; you can block or dodge this attack. When almost his HP has drained, he will jump on to separate platform and your ally robot R2-D2 will control a button and enable electric shock on the platform where Anakin is standing. Anakin will try to attack you and you have to smash the attack button again and again to counter-attack Anakin and a cutscene will trigger. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme, and the ally robots will leave in their spaceship in the cutscene. After that Darth Sidious will appear in his spaceship and he will pick up Anakin Skywalker knowing that he’s still alive and leave from there. Padme will give birth to a twin boy and a girl in the scene. While Darth Sidious will reborn Anakin Skywalker as one of his own Darth Vader and episode 3 will come to an end.

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