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Total War: PHARAOH – What Are Ambitions & How They Work



TW: PHARAOL - Ambitions

Total War: PHARAOH is a real-time tactic with a turn-based strategy game with a world map scaling in the Kingdom of Egypt. As players get to build an empire of their selected leader by conquering settlements and outposts of different lands, the game will introduce new features to them. One of the key features of the game is Ambitions which provide players with various opportunities that might help them with their rebellion.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what are Ambitions and how they work in Total War: PHARAOH.

What are Ambitions and How Do They Work in Total War: PHAROAH

Ambitions are a straightforward and basic system based on objectives. You will have the opportunity to mold your journey through choosing and achieving Ambitions. Whenever the time comes, you can pick from a selection of three. Achieving an Ambition will provide rewards that you may use to create new opportunities. Some Ambitions become available only after achieving certain previous ones.

Occasionally, you’ll get to pick from three ambitions. Each one gives you a reward of resources once you finish various tasks. These tasks can be quite diverse, like keeping people happy in all provinces or taking over a region rich in specific resources.

As the lands of the Kingdom of Egypt are divided among eight different leaders of three different factions, it can be difficult to conquer them with your starting army and resources. The ambitions system is here to provide you assistance with small objectives that you can complete in your playthrough of the campaign.

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