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Total War: Pharaoh’s Leadership Characters Unveiled



Total War: Pharaoh's Leadership Characters Unveiled

Just days ago, the new Total War game, Total War: Pharaoh was released. The game introduces the player to the environment of the ancient Egyptian kingdom led by the pharaohs. And yes, as this is a Total War game, you’ll gain control of one of the eight leaders, each with their predetermined skills, and characters you can make use of to gain power over all else.

These historical figures also have their own strengths, weaknesses, and traits that can determine the player’s playstyle. And here’s the introduction to the eight leaders in Total War: Pharaoh.

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Total War: Pharaoh’s Leaders


The first one is the distinguishable character that is always been known to be a huge part of ancient Egyptian history, Ramesses. You can control the guy in the poster, Ramesses III, who ruled the country from 1186 BC to 1185 BC.

This man is known for having elite infantry, which is really strong on land, but kind of hard to control on the other surfaces. However, although not pretty numerous, they’re really great at flanking, so facing multiple enemies at once should be a walk in the park.


Tausret is the wife of Seti, another historical character you can also control in this game. She ruled as a regent for Siptah, Seti’s heir. She eventually became Pharaoh in 1191 BC after the death of Siptah.

She’s cunning, really strategic with her plans, and uses her tactics to make the army more mobile, especially when she combines their power with ranged Chariots, which are definitely quick.


After Pharaoh Merneptah’s death, the throne was given to Seti who ruled Egypt from 1203 BC to 1197 BC. He faced his half-brother rebellion, Amenmesse, and tried his very best to keep his position as the ruler of all by doing anything necessary.

His levy infantry is not durable, but the warriors are highly offensive. They are really offensive and will take down any enemies thrown at them.

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Another Egyptian ruler you can play in Total War: Pharaoh is Bay. The leader Bay was actually a part of Seti’s leadership as he was his previous advisor and co-rogent of Tausret. However, he was executed later on for plotting against the previous ruler, Siptah. Similar to Tausret, Bay has a sense of cunningness deep inside him. He would work by using the power of manipulation and diplomacy to gain power.

Following the ruler’s tactics, the army acts like assassins. They work by focusing on stealth strategies that are unknown to others. On the other hand, Bay fights on his own battlefield with the other rulers using the power of politics.


Amenmess is The Viceroy of Egyptian vassal of Kush. Back then, he was at war with Seti but later defeated in 1198 BC. The war lasted for years until the day he died. Seeing how the two are also battling each other in the game, we can say that it’s historically accurate.

In the game, he intends to march North in order to gain his throne. On his journey, he’s accompanied by his Nubian Mercenary Bowmen who are accurate in range and could potentially deal terrible damage. The Royal Guards are also powerful in strength and can’t be easily flanked.


Another unique character the game puts in. Not much records were known or even found about Kurunta. However, it was mentioned that he was fighting a civil war against Suppiluliuma II. In the game, this figure is depicted as an old guy with a distinctive helmet. He’s also described to be a man who’s power-hungry and has a bit of psychotic tendencies.

Kurunta uses sabotage and assassination to gain power as well as using his brilliant plotting. However, during the actual buttle, his army may struggle a bit due to the lack of strategy, as the man prefers to hit the enemies head-on.

Kurunta’s army consists of mostly mercenaries and heavily armored units that utilize brutal strength above all others. He doesn’t have Rangers as well.

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Suppiluliuma protected his throne against the revolting rebellion by Kurunta. He would stop at nothing. As he was the king, in the game, he gained access to elite soldiers, including guards, archers, and more who are better equipped with heavy armor.


The last one we have on the list is Irsu. Not much historical records are known about this figure, but there’s a bit of information mentioned that Irsu fought in the civil war between Amenmesse and Seti, which led to the chaotic rage, resulting in the death of Tausret. Knowing the dark history behind him, the game depicts Irsu as a nihilistic individual who would burn the world for his own personal purpose.

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