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Total War: PHARAOH – How Royal Decrees Work



TW: PHARAOH - Royal Decrees

Total War: PHARAOH is a real-time tactic with a turn-based strategy game with a world map scaling in the Kingdom of Egypt. As players get to build an empire of their selected leader by conquering settlements and outposts of different lands, they will be required to increase the potential of their rebellion through the Royal Decrees. Royal Decrees is one of the returning features in the latest Total War game and all the Total War veterans might be familiar with this system but the new players must understand the system to gain certain advantages throughout the campaign.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Royal Decrees work in Total War: PHARAOH.

How Royal Decrees Work in Total War: PHARAOH

Royal Decrees is a tech tree offering various technological upgrades that enhance the capabilities of your faction. The Royal Decrees in Total War: PHARAOH offers upgrades for 3 different traits: Civic, Economic, and Military. Civic improves the living of your people and improves their happiness, Economic provides you with all 5 different resources that help with various actions and the development of buildings, and the Military strengthens your army allowing you to conquer settlements often.

All the upgrades in the tech tree are connected to some other upgrades and require unlocking before unlocking newer ones. Unlocking an upgrade requires a certain number of turns which is represented by an hourglass with required number of turns. All the available upgrades will have an hourglass symbol and by activating it, it will go into a research state from which you have to wait for the required number of turns to issue the decree.

Once a decree has been issued after waiting for the required turns, you will be able to unlock other decrees linked to it. Make sure to check the Royal Decrees from time to time to earn permanent passive buffs for your faction in the current campaign. As you progress through the tech tree, more useful decrees will unlock which will help you both with resources and building your empire efficiently.

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