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Total War: PHARAOH – How to Use Auto-Battle



TW: PHARAOH - Auto-Battle

Total War: PHARAOH offers a comprehensive combat experience with several variations that enhance the overall experience throughout the battle. It allows players to create their own strategies to overcome the opponents to stand victorious but sometimes it can become tedious to repeat everything because battles can last for quite some time. To overcome the tediousness, the Auto-Battle feature can save you precious time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Auto-Battle in Total War: PHARAOH.

How to Use Auto-Battle Feature in Total War: PHARAOH

When you get ready for a battle, you have three choices. You can retreat and cancel the battle. Or, you can enter the battle and fight it out yourself. But there’s a third option: auto-battle. This system compares your army’s strength with your opponents’ and then decides who wins and how many soldiers get hurt, all automatically. It’s handy if you want to finish a battle fast, especially if it’s starting to feel boring.

We suggest using auto-battle when you have a lot more soldiers than the enemy. If the numbers are similar on both sides, using auto-battle could lead to more casualties or even a loss. In these cases, fighting manually might change the outcome.

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Simply, select the Auto-Battle choice to let the system sort the battle out for you, and even a guaranteed win for having more soldiers in the army. At the outcome of Auto-Battle, you will earn the same number of resources as the manual battle so, feel free to use it whenever you feel like it.

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