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Total War: PHARAOH – How to Get Resources



TW: PHARAOH - Resources

Expanding your selected leader’s territory greatly relies on the Resources. Recruitment of units, building various outposts and shrines, keeping your population happy, and so on, everything relies on resources and not each faction’s leader has a great number of starting resources so gathering up resources is one of the crucial aspects of Total War: PHARAOH.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get resources and tell you some of the ways to get resources quickly in Total War: PHARAOH.

All Resources in Total War: PHARAOH

Resources are what you need to build and sustain your settlements, people, and armies in the game. There are five main types of resources in Total War: PHARAOH.

  • Stone
  • Food
  • Wood
  • Bronze
  • Gold

Different regions will have varying amounts of these resources. Some places might not have certain resources at all, but they could be rich in others.

How to Get Resources in Total War: PHARAOH

There are various ways to get your hands on resources but you will get to explore those options later in the game as you progress and expand your empire in the Kingdom of Egypt. The usual and basic way to start getting resources is by conquering the settlements nearby. Capturing new territory/settlement is a quick, though often challenging, way to gain more resources. Look for the resource symbol next to the name of any major settlement; it shows the main resource that the place provides. If you lack a specific resource, think about bringing nearby allies under your rule. You can use their resources to compensate for your shortages.

Another way to get resources quickly from your surroundings is by raiding the enemy’s outposts. Attacking unguarded outposts lets you ‘sack’ them, damaging their buildings but gaining gold, food, bronze, and stone. You can do the same with bigger settlements, but be cautious. Looting them can make your people unhappy and cause issues with other nations.

Apart from these general ways of getting the resources, there are some other methods as well including the following.

All of the systems mentioned above can provide an increase in your resources income so, make sure to take advantage of these systems while running low on resources.

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