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Total War: PHARAOH – How to Trade with Other Leaders



TW: Pharaoh - Trade

Building a successful Empire in the Kingdom of Egypt requires a perfect balance throughout the ancient lands and one of the best ways to keep harmony among other leaders of the Ancient Lands is trading. Trading can be of great help to your selected leader’s empire as it can get you tons of resources that benefit you in building your settlements, keeping the army healthy, and your population happy.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to trade with other leaders in Total War: PHARAOH.

How to Trade with Other Leaders in Total War: PHARAOH

There are eight different leaders representing three different factions in Total War: PHARAOH from which you will get to select one leader from any faction at the start of your campaign. As you begin to make progress in the current faction you selected and liberate lands, you will be able to start trading with other leaders. Place down the Trading Outposts in your conquered lands to increase the income on resources by trading. Select one of the nearby or distant leaders with whom you have a good relationship to start trading.

As trading begins whether it is for resources or other goods, you need to focus on which goods they find valuable and which they don’t. To do so, start offering the items you want to trade in exchange for what you want, and look at the bottom right of the trading screen. It will show the importance of items that you sent either with a Green Tick or a Red Cross. If the other leader has a lack of item that you sent, it will be marked with a Green Tick and if not, it will be marked with a Red Cross.

Every leader has a couple of advantages at the start and if you know which leader lacks what, you can use that knowledge to your advantage to give them their needs and get something you want in return. It will benefit you both in getting a successful trade as well as creating a better relationship which can then be used for further allegiance. Once a perfect trade has been offered from both sides, select the Propose option to offer the items and you will get the items from the other leader you traded with.

Make sure that you have a good relationship with a faction or the leader before you start trading otherwise, the trade will not be possible as the enemies don’t negotiate easily.

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