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Use the Farming Simulator 22 conveyor belt and switch it on



Use the Farming Simulator 22 conveyor belt and switch it on

How does the conveyor belt work in Farming Simulator 22? Where can the conveyor belts be used and switched on? In the new FS22, similar to its predecessor, there are again conveyor belts that can be used, for example, to load a tipper, trailer, or production building such as the biogas plant with sugar beet pulp or silage. The conveyor belts are particularly practical for loading the BGA and you save yourself manual loading with a wheel loader and shovel. In this guide, we show where to buy and use the conveyor belt.

Farming Simulator 22: Buy and use conveyor belts

You can buy the conveyor belt from the dealer under “Devices” and “Conveyor belt system”. There are six different conveyor belts to choose from, starting with the Grimme TC 816 at €5,000 and going up to the large Convey-All 1690 for €25,500.

  • Lizard S-710 – €5,000 (used to load your tipper)
  • Grimme TC – € 18,000 (serves as an intermediate segment)
  • Grimme RH 24-60 – €45,000 (potatoes and sugar beets are packed in pallets or loaded onto conveyor belts).
  • Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum – €38,000 (used to load your tipper)
  • Meridian TL 12-39 – €14,500 (used to load your tipper)
  • Convey-All 1690 – € 25,500 (used to load your tipper)

To use the conveyor belt you simply have to transport/drive it to the place of use, align the conveyor belt, fold it out, and change the angle. As soon as you then tip crops onto the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is switched on and the loaded fruits are transported over the belt and unloaded again on the other side. As mentioned above, the conveyor belt has proven to be particularly useful when loading the biogas plant. This saves you a lot of time when loading, which you would otherwise have to do yourself with the wheel loader / front loader.

In the meantime, there are already the first conveyor belt mods for the FS22 with which you can expand the selection at the dealer again.

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