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Farming Simulator 22 d3d12.dll is missing: what to do?



Farming Simulator 22 d3d12.dll is missing: what to do?

If the new Farming Simulator 22 does not start or if it crashes when starting the game, there may be various reasons. One or the other buyers of the new LS offshoot complains of problems with the so-called d3d12.dll. The question arises, what can you do if the d3d12.dll is missing and where can you download or install the file?

Farming Simulator 22: d3d12.dll error

If the FS22 does not start and you get the error message “d3d12.dll missing” when you start the game, you should first check the system requirements and compare them with your own system. In addition to the processor and graphics card, you should pay particular attention to the operating system with the minimum requirements, because that is Windows 10 (64bit). If you use Windows 7 (or even older), you cannot play Farming Simulator 22.

If you have installed Windows 10 (64bit) and still get the error message with the missing ddl file when starting Farming Simulator 22, you should check/try the following things.

  • Install Windows updates: Are all available Windows updates installed on your own PC? If this is not the case, then you should do it now at the latest.
  • Update graphics card drivers: Are the graphics card drivers up-to-date? Regular driver updates are not only worthwhile in order to improve the performance of games, but an update can sometimes also help in the event of problems.
  • Install the latest version of DirectX: Normally, DirectX should be updated with the game or with the Windows update. Alternatively, you can download and install the current DirectX version manually from the Microsoft website.

By the way, we can only advise against manually downloading the d3d12.dll specified in the error message and then moving it to the Windows system directory. On the one hand, this usually does not fix the error, on the other hand, there are some dubious websites that distribute the files with malware or adware.

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