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Way of the Hunter: American Black Bear Location



Way of the Hunter: American Black Bear Location

In Way of the Hunter, players would get to hunt different wild animals in the region of the USA and Europe. One of the toughest wild animals in the USA region is the American Black Bear. They are sometimes hard to locate but if you are in the right spot then you’d see one.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the location of the American Black Bear in Way of the Hunter.

American Black Bear Location

You’d find American Black Bear near the River Knox. If you go North from Bear Den Ranch, you’d come across the River Knox. From there, start heading in the west direction and it is better to be in your vehicle because Black Bears can attack you and you might get injured. So, while driving along the River Knox, look for the Black Bear. Black Bears often run along the river or you’d find them close to the river. If you are driving slow, you might see a black bear near the river.

American Black Bear Location

If you see a Black Bear then you get out of your vehicle and look at its distance from your position with your Binoculars and take the shot but keep in mind, that bears are not easy to kill they’d take a lot of hits before they go down. They can take up to 5 hits depending on where are you hitting them, they would take more damage if you are hitting them on the head.

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