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Way of the Hunter: Caller Guide



Way of the Hunter: Caller Guide

If you are a beginner hunter then you’d face some difficulties while hunting the animals or spooking the animals away when you try to get close to them. One of the best tricks is that you buy the caller of an animal that you are hunting. If you are hunting a deer then you should buy a caller that attracts deer and you’ll get a clear shot to take it down.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the callers and use the callers in Way of the Hunter.

Unlocking Callers

The Callers are unlocked by purchasing the callers. You can purchase the callers by accessing the storage and going into the shop and selecting the Gear tab. Scroll down in the Gear tab and you’ll see different callers for the animals. You need to buy the callers with the money you earned and once you have the callers, you can equip them with your equipment. You can have three callers at a time in your equipment so, always take the callers of the animals that you are going to hunt.

Unlocking Callers

Most of the callers have two levels and some have three levels as well. There are only a few callers which have only 1 level. The levels of the callers will let you attract the fit animals and in order to unlock the higher levels, you need to get the Strategist Perks. The Strategist Perks have three perks in them and in order to unlock the 3rd level of all the callers, you need to sell a total of 30 Called Animals. Call the animals by using any caller and then hunt those animals and sell them to progress in unlocking the perks.

Using Callers

After equipping the callers with your equipment, head out in the wild and pull out the caller and click the right-click button. You’ll see the levels of the callers you have and you can change them by scrolling the wheel of your mouse. After selecting the level, you can blow the caller by left clicking and you’ll see that an arrow started to move towards the bigger line. Now, you need to wait for the arrow to reach the bigger line which is in the middle and if you use the caller again too early, the animals won’t come out in the open as they think that there is something wrong.

So, you need to use the caller and then start using the binoculars or anything to wait for the arrow to reach the bigger line, once it is there, you need to use the caller again to call the animal out. Also make sure to use the right caller in the areas of the animals because if you use the wrong caller in the specific animal area, the animal that you are calling will not come out and you’ll waste your time.

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