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Way of the Hunter: How to Get Ammo



Way of the Hunter: How to Get Ammo

In Way of the Hunter, players would be hunting the wild animals and they can easily run out of ammo because there is not much ammo that you bring with your gun. New players will face this problem because they’ll use a lot of ammo in figuring out the bullet drop range.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get ammo in Way of the Hunter.

How to Get Ammo

While hunting the wild animals, you can easily run out of ammo for your gun and in order to complete the hunt, you’d have to hunt the animal. If you are figuring out, how to get ammo out in the wild then you are looking at the wrong place. To get the ammo, you need to interact with the Storage Safe. Storage Safes are found inside the cabins that you’d find across the whole map.

The easiest safe to access is in the Bear Den Ranch and you can also Fast Travel to this cabin as well. Go to this cabin and go up the stairs to enter the cabin. Go inside the room with the computer and on the left side of the computer, there would be a Storage Safe. Access the Safe and then exit from the menu of safe, you’ll refill your weapon’s ammo.

Way of the Hunter: How to Get Ammo

The ammo that you get from the storage is free and it will not cost you any money so, you can return to your cabin at any time to get free ammo for your hunt.

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