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Way of the Hunter: Wild Duck Location



Way of the Hunter: Wild Duck Location

In Way of the Hunter, there would be quests for hunting different wild animals. As you progress through the story, you’ll get a mission named “Wild Duck Foie Gras” in which you’d have to hunt 3 wild ducks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the location where you can easily hunt Wild Ducks in Way of the Hunter.

Wild Duck Location

You’d find Wild Ducks in the River Knox area. River Knox is not far from Bear Den Ranch. You just need to head in the North direction and you’ll come across a river, follow the river and you’ll start hearing the sounds of the wild ducks.

Wild Duck Location

Once you are getting closer to the sounds, you can check if there is any wild duck near to you. In order to check that, press the “Esc” button and open the “Photo Mode” of the game, you’ll be able to check all of your surroundings and their whereabouts. Once you find the wild duck, exit the Photo Mode and check the distance of the duck with your Binoculars and then adjust the distance on your gun to hunt the wild duck. You’d easily find wild ducks at River Knox and complete the mission.

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