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We Were Here Forever: Translating Octopus Puzzle



We Were Here Forever: Translating Octopus Puzzle

After the Energy pipes puzzle, both of the players will need to get back into the circle sphere machine which will take them down into the water. The players will get held up by a large octopus and they have to find a way to get out of there.

In this guide, we tell you how to solve the Translating Octopus Puzzle in the Nautilus chapter.

How to Solve Translating Octopus Puzzle

Once both of the players go into the machine, they have to pull the levers at the same time. Then the machine will start going down into the water. After a couple of minutes, a door will open which will have a number of symbols inside. One of the players has to sit on the chair. The door will close after a player sit on the chair and the puzzle will start. There’ll come a big Octopus in the way and he would speak. On the screen in the room, a symbol will appear and the player has to answer the symbol to the Octopus.

How to Solve Translating Octopus Puzzle

Now the other player would be in the main room of the sphere machine, he would find a symbol machine and a book in the center of the sphere after the other player has gone into the room. In the book, there are symbols and their meanings are written, and the machine will have the same symbols on it which you can play them by pressing them. The player in the other room has to tell the symbol to the player in the main room so, he can look at the symbol and its meaning in the book and then he has to tell the symbol and its combination to the other player so, he can communicate with the Octopus in the correct way. If the player didn’t answer the Octopus right three times then both of the players have to start this puzzle from the beginning.

We Were Here Forever: Translating Octopus Puzzle

The players have to translate the four questions of Octopus in total to complete this puzzle. The questions and their answers are the following.

Question 1

  • Octopus: “Greetings”
  • Players: “Hello”

Question 2

  • Octopus: ”Who be you”
  • Players: “Friend”

Question 3

  • Octopus: “King be hurt”
  • Players: “Yes”

Question 4

  • Octopus: “What explorers desire”
  • Players: “Escape”

After the conversation, the Octopus will let you go and the sphere machine will start descending again into the water.

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