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We Were Here Forever Review



We Were Here Forever - Review

Total Mayhem Games is famous for its Co-op Adventure Puzzle-Solving game series named “We Were Here”. There are a total of four games in this series including the latest one and all of them have the same motive to get through the hurdles by communicating together. All of the games are Co-op and two players will join in the game to get around the Castle or Realm by solving a number of Puzzles throughout the game. As the genre of the game is Puzzle-Solving, it has to deliver head-scratching puzzles for the players so, they can spend some time figuring out the solution.

The first three games of this series absolutely nail the puzzling part with the storytelling but is it the same with its successor? The latest game in the series is “We Were Here Forever” which brings players back to Castle Rock where they have to escape from it for one last time.

We Were Here Forever – Review

The Story of We Were Here Forever resumes from its predecessor and put both of the players in the Castle’s dungeon. The game immediately gives control to the players, and they would have to find out a way to get out of the dungeon and then the castle itself. However, the tutorial of the game does an incredible job of telling the nature of the puzzles that players would have to solve in order to escape this time.

We Were Here Forever is played by two players joined in the same lobby. There is no split-screen in We Were Here Forever so, players would have to buy the game separately. Players can choose to play with their friends as well as with random players by joining the servers. There are Walkie Talkies in the game that players would be using to communicate with each other throughout the game. Telling each other what they see and pointing out any workable solution to the other player. Communication is the key to this game and many of the puzzles would require perfect timing communication because there are some puzzles that are time-based.

Players would have to use the Walkie Talkie by pressing the respective key in order to talk and only one player would be able to communicate at a time which can cause some delays. To cover up the delays in the puzzles or in communication, players can use third-party communication apps like Discord and TeamSpeak. As both of the players would be separated from each other for most of the game, players would have to communicate to open the path ahead for each other to progress ahead.

We Were Here Forever does have a uniqueness to most of the puzzles that are very appreciated but most of the puzzles are not as mind-bending as its predecessor. Very few of the puzzles would require hard thinking on the puzzle to solve but most of them can be solved pretty easily. Another thing that is a bit let-down of this game that is the repetition of the same puzzles. Players would find themselves solving the same or similar puzzles over three times in the game which can be felt repetitive and turn into a loss of attachment. This could have been improved by reshaping the repetitive puzzles to turn them into more interesting ones. However, all of the small puzzles and repetitive puzzles are overcome by the main mind-bending puzzles of the game which require equal effort from both the players to solve.

The art and graphics design of We Were Here Forever perfectly fit with the vibe of the game as well as keep on the legacy of its predecessor. The sound gives a matching vibe of horror and terrifying while going through different areas of Castle Rock and as players progress to newer areas, they will get to unveil the story of previous games but how players ended up in the Castle is still a mystery. As there are various stages and areas that players will explore while progressing in the game, one major flaw that we experience was the frame drops while loading into a new area. The game will load the textures of the new area which will drastically drop the frame rates for about 10 – 20 seconds.

We Were Here Forever – Score (8.5/10)

We Were Here Forever is one of the top Co-op adventure games out there and for the players who want to experience a challenging and mind-bending experience with their friends then We Were Here Forever is a must-recommendation. Other than the tiny flaws of the game, it completely gives an experience of a Co-op game throughout the whole journey with a lot of confusing and fun moments. Both of the players would have to put in their knowledge and efforts to the game to complete it and it is surely more lengthy than its predecessor.

We scored We Were Here Forever 8.5 out of 10. We Were Here Forever is available on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, XBOX One & Series X/S.

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