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Sons of the Forest Review



Sons of the Forest - Review

Sons of the Forest is one of the latest Co-op survival games of the year 2023 and it is not an ordinary survival game but it is a successor of a very infamous survival horror game named “The Forest”. The Sons of the Forest follows the same line of Survival Horror where players would have to survive on a big island and deal with the cannibals and mutants living on the island and the deep cavern areas of the island. If you are familiar with the original game, you would find it a lot similar but there are a number of changes regarding the actual surviving and building mechanics which will keep players attached to it.

Sons of the Forest – Review

Players can choose to play the Sons of the Forest in a Single-Player mode as well as the Co-op with their friends and other players. The game did not have any dedicated servers support in the Early Access but with the latest patch update, players will be able to join the other live servers or even start a server of their own. The game actually offers a Peaceful mode as well for the new players to actually embrace and experience the hardships of survival on the island. Of course, the easy mode does not have any enemies in it but it would still require the player to survive on the island by gathering water, food, hunting, and much more. One of the recommendations that we can make for the new players is to play the game in the Peaceful mode to get to know all of the surviving, crafting, and building mechanics.  

The story plot of Sons of the Forest actually takes place after the events of “The Forest”. Players would be sent to the island named “Site 2” to locate and search for Edward Puffton, CEO of PuffCorp. His wife and 20-year-old daughter are also missing and players will be assigned the task to find all of them. As players are about to reach the island, the helicopter will be shot down and players will get to start their survival journey in the deep forest of the island or on a sunny beach side.

Players will start with a GPS device with the whole map and a number of points of interest marked on the map of the island. The design of the world is stunning and lively. From the moment players get to the island, they will get to visualize a number of breathtaking views. There will be an ally named “Kelvin” near the spawn point of the player who would be needing some assistance right from the start. Helping out Kelvin will allow players to order him several things related to gathering building materials by writing them down on a notepad. Players can order him to follow them or stop at a point or even return to the camp. Keeping Kelvin close can be helpful as it would point toward danger if he sees any and sometime players would also have to save him from trouble.

The ally mechanic will certainly help players in building the safe house/camp more easily. The building mechanics of Sons of the Forest is by far the best as it allows players to build any kind of style for their base without using any blueprint. The developers also have added the book that contains building recipes and players can also use the book to build the structures. The cutting of the logs and stones can turn the shape of the material accordingly and can be placed anywhere. Players can make a lot of creative structures with the new building mechanics in Sons of the Forest.

There is a lot to explore on the island and the game will leave players to do the exploration and find useful items, tools, and gear scattered throughout the island to help themselves as well as progress in the story. Exploring new areas will also engage players with Cannibals and different types of mutants. Players would have to craft or find weapons to defend themselves from them. However, the cannibals are more lively than its predecessor. In The Forest, the cannibals get aggressive from the moment they see you but in Sons of the Forest, they will come close to you and look at you for a moment before they turn aggressive. They will also react to the dead cannibals by sitting beside their half-cut dead bodies.

The island has a lot to offer and players would find driveable Golf Carts as well. Players can use them to get around the island more quickly. There is also a Glider as well that can be found in the Snowy Mountain area that will take players to the other end of the island in a short time. Players should certainly spend some time building their safe camp and gathering all the required items for the journey ahead. While spending time on the island, players would experience a change in weather after every few days. Seasonal change plays a very important role in the game as they can turn the nature of the island and players would have to ready themselves according to the nature.

The main story content of the game lies in the cavern areas and bunkers located on the island. Players will have to explore the cavern areas and the bunkers to make progress in the story of the game but these areas are filled with various types of mutants. So, players should explore these areas while fully kitted. There are multiple endings to the game so it drastically increases the replayability of the game.

Sons of the Forest – Score (9/10)

Sons of the Forest is one of the best survival horror games out there and if any players are looking to enjoy a survival game alone or with other players then this game fulfills the need. We rate Sons of the Forest 9 out of 10. Sons of the Forest is available on PC for now. As the game is still under development, it might come out for consoles in the near future.

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