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What’s in the blue hole of Far Cy 6



What's in the blue hole of Far Cy 6

We tell you where it is and what is in the blue hole of Far Cry 6, a mysterious cave hidden on the map of Yara.

Far Cry 6 is full of secrets, nods to other games, and things to discover. One of the most curious is the presence of a blue hole on the game’s map. Blue holes are called places of extraordinary depth in the sea.

It is as if it were a vertical tunnel, which can descend hundreds of meters, and which are very dangerous for divers and, where is Yara’s blue hole? Finding it is very simple.

To the west of the island in the region of Costa del Mar, we can find an islet named Cayo Espíritus (where the lighthouse is located). Well, the blue hole is located southeast of this islet, in a cove shaped like a crater.

And what is in the blue hole of Far Cry 6? Well, an underwater cave that will give us access to one of Yara’s treasures: The legend of the princess.

To find out, we will have to overcome three dangers. In the first place, that of drowning, since it is a considerable stretch in which you have to dive. It is best to dive once, find the entrance to the cave and return to the surface.

Once located, we can dive directly, and thus gain a few seconds of very valuable air for exploration.

The second danger is the bull sharks that roam the waters of Costa del Mar, and the third is the numerous jellyfish that are inside the cave (and whose light serves as a guide).

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