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The ending of Far Cry 6, explained. The post-credit scene



The ending of Far Cry 6, explained. The post-credit scene

We explain the meaning of the post-credits scene in Far Cry 6, only for those who have already finished the main story in the Ubisoft game.

Before you start reading, we remind you that this article contains an important “spoiler” about the end of Far Cry 6. If you are still playing the main story, it is best if you wait to finish it and come back later.

If you have already finished Far Cry 6, you still have a lot to do, but you may have doubts about the meaning of the ending. Here we try to explain what the last sequence consists of.

Once the fate of Antón Castillo has been decided in his office in the presidential building of Esperanza (the capital of Yara), it seems that the future of Dani Rojas and Diego Castillo is uncertain.

The message of Far Cry 6 is – in the words of Nietzsche – “Whoever fights with monsters, take care to turn into a monster”. Can Dani get corrupted after carrying out a revolution? Already Juan Cortez, throughout the game, had warned him of the danger of the revolution.

But we are better than that, right? What requires an explanation is a post-credit scene. More than a scene, it is a dialogue, since on the screen you only see the logo of the game. We can hear Juan Cortez talking about new installments of viviro.

What does this mean? Well, the old revolutionary continues with the black market with “the northern neighbors.” Even if freedom comes to Yara, inevitably there will still be oppressed people who will cultivate or live in the tobacco fields.

We can find the parallelism of the trafficking of this substance with drug trafficking in Central American countries. The viviro is a curse, and as long as it exists, there will be corrupt people who will try to take control of its cultivation. It is a “poetic” ending and quite real.

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