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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Crafting – Guide



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Crafting – Guide

World of Warcraft has different crafting mechanics due to different professional choices for the players. Players can choose the profession that they like and then they will be able to craft the items according to their profession but the new expansion of World of Warcraft has a new profession gateway and players can get a bit confused in the crafting.

In this guide, we’ll talk about crafting in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.


The Crafting in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight mainly revolves around two things. The first thing is the Skill level of your profession and the second thing is Recipe Difficulty. If you go to the crafting menu of your profession, you will see a bar on top of the menu that will indicate the Skill level of your Profession. The higher the Skill Level, the more higher-level items you can craft. You will see another bar in the Crafting Details window in the menu that actually shows the chances of getting a certain quality level of the crafted item.

There are five ranks for crafted gear, three ranks for consumables, and three ranks for materials. All of these ranks are based on the quality level. Gear has more levels and each level corresponds to a different item level whereas in the consumables case, you will get a different number of attributes. The higher the level, the higher the number of attributes you will get. Similarly for the gear, the higher the level, the higher the quality item you will get.

You will be able to see the Recipe Difficulty in the Crafting Details window and if your skill level is lower than the Recipe Difficulty, then you will not get the highest quality item. At the start, you will craft the lower quality item but as you increase the Skill level, you will be able to get the high-quality items from crafted items. Also, every profession has its own tool that will add a number of points to the Skill so make sure to equip the tool as well before crafting the item.

Crafting Materials

The Crafting also depends on the Crafting Materials that also come in three different Ranks. Basic Crafting Materials that come from gathering, Mining, and Herbalism then go into the things corresponding to your Profession. Later on, those materials can be used for weapon crafting and gear crafting. When you have the materials, you will be able to select from all three ranks of the materials and you will be able to select from all three ranks. If you put higher-rank materials, the quality item of the crafted item will also increase. You can also mix the materials with the ranks to produce an item.

If you have specialized in any crafting items like weapons, gear, etc., when you even put the lowest rank materials, you will be able to produce a higher quality item. So, specializing will give you a lot of benefits in crafting. You will get to specialize in the category once you have reached enough skill level in your profession.

Crafting Details

The Crafting Details are the details of the Crafted item that you are crafting at the moment and you will be able to see the quality item in the window on the right side of the crafting menu. The Crafting Details menu has a few elements in it which tell you the percentage of chances of each element. The Recipe Difficulty is the maximum difficulty of that recipe and the Skill will be showing your Skill level if the Skill is closer to the Recipe Difficulty, then you will be able to get the maximum rank of the Quality item. The inspiration is like a crit chance that will give you an additional skill. Resourcefulness is the percentage or chance of using fewer materials in the crafting process.

You can increase these chances in the Specialization tree of your Profession as well to increase the chances to get higher quality items.

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