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Wylde Flowers: How to do Cooking



Wylde Flowers: How to do Cooking

In Wylde Flowers, you’ll have to do cooking a lot of times to make food or drinks that’ll help you in regenerating your energy. Energy will consume when you cut wood or stones or anything. In order to keep your energy full, you’ll have to consume food.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Cooking.


You can start cooking in Grandma’s kitchen with the resources you’ve gathered from the crops or stores. You’ll only be able to cook the recipes that you’ve currently unlocked and have all of the ingredients for the recipe. The ingredients that are uncooked will be shown on the top if you interact with the cooking station and all of the equipment in which you can do cooking will be shown under the Uncooked tab with all of the recipes you have.

You’ll need to gather the ingredients of the recipe then you’ll need to go to the cooking station and go to a piece of specific cooking equipment and select the recipe for which you have gathered the ingredients. As an example, if you want to cook Coconut Rice, you’ll need to have 1 bag of rice and 1 coconut then go to the Stovetop tab of Cooking and you’ll see this recipe there. Select the Coconut Rice recipe and click on craft to start cooking it.

Wylde Flowers: How to do Cooking

All of the soups will be in the Pot Tab and the baking recipes will be in the Oven Tab. You can get more recipes by buying the Cookbook from Sophia or if you get an ingredient, you’ll automatically unlock a recipe for them. All of the food will replenish your energy and it is useful to keep the food in your inventory.

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