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Wylde Flowers: How to do Farming



Wylde Flowers: How to do Farming

Wylde Flowers is a farming simulation game in which a character named Tara will visit her Grandma in Fairhaven Town to help her and help her on the Farm beside her house. Her Grandmother will teach her how to grow potatoes on the farm at the start of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to farm in Wylde Flowers.

How to do Farming

Tara’s Grandma has made her farm next to her house in the garden she’ll give you a tutorial in which you’ll have to get the Potato Seeds and then put the seeds inside the Garden Bed. The farming is not much different than the other games and you’ll have to wait for the crops to grow up completely before you can harvest them.

You can get the seeds of crops from Sophia Moretti and then bring them into the garden and put them in the Garden Bed. Then your inventory will open up in which you’ll have to use the Water Pot to water the seeds and then wait for a specific period of time to harvest the crops. Crops are of many types and you can grow any crop in the Garden Bed.

Wylde Flowers: How to do Farming

You can also grow Fruit Trees in the garden but the seeds of the trees are more expensive than the crops you’ll only have to buy them once and then wait for the tree to fully grow and the trees will start to produce the fruits regularly. The trees are also not needed to be watered, you’ll only need to water the tree seed once and then they’ll take a long period of time to grow up. The trees seed that you can buy is the following.

  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pomegranate
  • Mulberry

All of the tree seeds will cost you 125 Coins but you’d have to buy them again.

There is also a Blueprint for the garden as well in which you can build different structures for farming. You can make Garden Bed, Compost Bin, and Beehive.

Garden Bed

Garden beds will be used to plant the seeds of crops and grow crops. If you are fully utilizing the garden then you’d have to build more Garden beds to grow more crops. 1 Garden bed will cost you 10x Wood, 1x Soil, and 25 Coins.

Compost Bin

You can also make a Compost Bin in your garden in which you’ll be able to produce soil. You’ll have to put the Weed in the Compost Bin to produce soil and you’ll also get worms from it. 1 Compost Bin will cost you 6x Wood and 10 Coins.


You can make a Beehive in the garden as well to collect the honey from the Bees. Honey can be used for different recipes in cooking and it also has a high sell price. You can sell honey to violet. 1 Beehive will cost you 10x Wood and 50 Coins.

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