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Wylde Flowers: The Fungus Among Us Quest – Walkthrough



Wylde Flowers: The Fungus Among Us Quest - Walkthrough

After planting the Potato Seeds in the Garden Bed, Gramma will say that she’ll be making Mushroom Soup for dinner and that she’ll require some Mushrooms for cooking. She’ll give you a quest named “The Fungus Among Us” in which you have to gather the mushrooms.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Fungus Among Us in Wylde Flowers.

The Fungus Among Us

You’ll need to gather 2 Mushrooms for Gramma so she can cook Mushroom Soup for dinner. She’ll tell you to follow the road that leads up to the Mountain and you’ll find some fresh Mushrooms. Go out of the Gramm house and go to the left side of the house. Follow the Road up to the hill and your character will see a Mine and remembers it when she was little.

After that, keep going on the road and you’ll reach a broken bridge. Look to the left side of the bridge and you’ll see a couple of mushrooms. Go near the Mushroom and you’ll see a plus icon with the bag. Click on the icon to grab the mushroom. Collect 2 Mushrooms and then return to Gramma’s House. Go inside the House and talk with Gramma.

The Fungus Among Us

Gramma will ask if you’ve found any mushrooms. Select that you have found the Mushrooms and Tara will give the mushrooms to Gramma. After that, you need to wait for the night and Gramma will cook Mushroom Soup and you’ll get a reward of 2x Cream of Mushroom Soup.

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