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343 Industries Rejects Information That Xbox One Halo Infinite Has Been Canceled



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The speculation that 343 Industries could cancel the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite began after players drew attention to the game’s lead designer’s LinkedIn profile on December 22. It indicated only the versions of the future shooter for the Xbox Series X and PC.

However, the absence of a mention of Xbox One in an employee’s profile means little in itself, because only the platforms with which this person works directly can be indicated there.

Apparently, in this case, everything is so. In a tweet, the community manager at 343 Industries confirmed that the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite was not canceled, and jokingly asked to be left alone for the holidays.

Since the transfer of Halo Infinite, players regularly argue about whether the shooter should go to Xbox One – especially with the fact that now the release is only scheduled for late 2021.

343 Industries seems reluctant to abandon the original plan, but how this will affect the game itself is not yet clear.

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