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Age of Wonders 4: All Tomes of Magic



Age of Wonders 4: All Tomes of Magic

Tomes of Magic will allow you to learn new spells of the respective Affinity. As you progress through the game, you will be given a number of Tomes of Magic of different Affinities through which you can choose 1 Tome of Magic. It will add 2 Points in that respected Affinity and you will be able to further research the Tome of Magic to unlock new spells as well as unlock a higher tier of the same type of Tome of Magic. Tomes of Magic are crucial for your progression in the game as they will make your units more powerful with the new spells.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all, Tomes of Magic, in Age of Wonders 4.

All Tomes of Magic in Age of Wonders 4

There is a total of 54 Tomes of Magic spread over 6 Affinities through which players can select their preferred Tomes of Magic to make their builds. As there are 6 different Affinities, players can make their build by choosing the cosmic power that they think is the best for their playstyle. All 54 Tomes of Magic of different affinities are divided into 5 Tiers. Players will start from Tier 1 and they will be able to unlock higher tier Tomes by researching the previous ones.

All Tomes of Magic of each Tier are listed below.

Tomes of Magic – Tier I

  • Tome of Pyromancy (Chaos)
  • Tome of the Horde (Chaos)
  • Tome of Faith (Order)
  • Tome of Zeal (Order)
  • Tome of Rock (Materium)
  • Tome of Enchantment (Materium)
  • Tome of Evocation (Astral)
  • Tome of Warding (Astral)
  • Tome of Roots (Nature)
  • Tome of Beasts (Nature)
  • Tome of Souls (Shadow)
  • Tome of Cryomancy (Shadow)

Tomes of Magic – Tier II

  • Tome of Revelry (Chaos)
  • Tome of Mayhem (Chaos)
  • Tome of the Beacon (Order)
  • Tome of the Inquisition (Order)
  • Tome of Winds (Materium)
  • Tome of Artificing (Materium)
  • Tome of Amplification (Astral)
  • Tome of Scrying (Astral)
  • Tome of Fertility (Nature)
  • Tome of Glades (Nature)
  • Tome of Necromancy (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Doomherald (Shadow)

Tomes of Magic – Tier III

  • Tome of Pandemonium (Chaos)
  • Tome of Devastation (Chaos)
  • Tome of Sanctuary (Order)
  • Tome of Subjugation (Order)
  • Tome of Transmutation (Materium)
  • Tome of Terramancy (Materium)
  • Tome of Teleportation (Astral)
  • Tome of Summoning (Astral)
  • Tome of Vigor (Nature)
  • Tome of Cycles (Nature)
  • Tome of the Cold Dark (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Great Transformation (Shadow)

Tomes of Magic – Tier IV

  • Tome of Chaos Channeling (Chaos)
  • Tome of the Demon Gate (Chaos)
  • Tome of Exaltation (Order)
  • Tome of Supremacy (Order)
  • Tome of the Golden Realm (Materium)
  • Tome of the Crucible (Materium)
  • Tome of the Astral Mirror (Astral)
  • Tome of Astral Convergence (Astral)
  • Tome of Nature’s Wrath (Nature)
  • Tome of Paradise (Nature)
  • Tome of Oblivion (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Reaper (Shadow)

Tome of Magic – Tier V

  • Tome of the Chaos Lord (Chaos)
  • Tome of the God Emperor (Order)
  • Tome of the Creator (Materium)
  • Tome of the Arch Mage (Astral)
  • Tome of the Goddess of Nature (Nature)
  • Tome of the Eternal Lord (Shadow)

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