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Age of Wonders 4: How to Annex Ancient Wonders



Age of Wonders 4: How to Annex Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders are the special buildings that are related to the game’s lore and these provide more valuable resources than regular main resources. The annexation process of Ancient Wonders is similar to Annexing a Province but it does have an additional step in it that you must have to do in order to annex the Ancient Wonder.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Annex Ancient Wonders in the Age of Wonders 4.

How to Annex Ancient Wonders in Age of Wonders 4

Players will have to Annex Ancient Wonders at some point in the game in order to gain the valuable resources that will help them unlock new items for their domain. As players make the general progression of their domain by building cities and outposts in other areas of the realms, they will eventually end up right next to an area that has an Ancient Wonder in it. You can annex the Ancient Wonder by the following steps.

  • First, you need to build a city near the area that has an Ancient Wonder. In order to do that, you will have to create an Outpost in one of the Hex Tiles near the Ancient Wonder.
  • Once your outpost is got enough populated, turn it into a city and you will get the option to Annex the nearby area that has Ancient Wonder.
  • Click on the area to start the Annexation process and you will get to fight the army of Ancient Wonder-themed enemies. Each Ancient Wonder has its own unique themed army which is linked to the game’s lore so, it will not be an easy fight.
  • it will cost you a price of -5 City Stability which can be overcome by gaining useful resources from the annexed area and Ancient Wonder.
How to Annex Ancient Wonders in Age of Wonders 4

Annexing the area and Ancient Wonder will give you a number of main resources and valuable resources which can be used to make new structures and unlock new skills from the Affinity Skill Tree. You will get a number of Imperium resources from annexing the Ancient Wonder which are mainly used to unlock skills.

There are other structures as well in the surrounding of Ancient Wonders from which you can get a decent number of main resources. You can find Gold Veins to get Gold, Farms or fishery to get Food, etc. So, you must have to be fully prepared for the fight before you get to annex the area. As long as you have a high-tier army and hero, you will be able to win the fight.

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