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Battlefield 2042: Leaked a lot of information about the secret Hazard Zone mode



Battlefield 2042: Leaked a lot of information about the secret Hazard Zone mode

Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone will not become a Battle Royale. Instead, the game mode is said to be more in the direction of Hunt: Showdown or Escape from Tarkov. This means that several teams of players try to accomplish the same goal on a map while AI opponents and fellow players get in their way.

New information about Hazard Zone has now been leaked. The dataminer temporyal has collected some gameplay details on the game mode on Twitter, which gives us a clearer picture.

Please note: This is not officially confirmed information! All details could change until the final release of Battlefield 2042 on October 22, 2021.

The great Hazard Zone mystery

We have summarized the most important details about Hazard Zone from the game data of Battlefield 2042 for you:

  • This is how Hazard Zone starts: After an information screen, we are dropped onto the map by Little Bird helicopter. Then the real mission starts.
  • Finding and collecting targets: We will probably find crashed satellites to secure their hard drives. It is not known whether there will be different mission objectives.
  • AI opponents and bosses: In the Hazard Zone, AI opponents patrol the map, use vehicles and tanks such as the Jaguar EBRC or HDT Storm and are able to call in reinforcements who come up by parachute jump. Optional bosses should bring additional rewards.
  • Equipment can be lost: Equipment that you use in Hazard Zone can obviously be lost. This is indicated by a »loadout insurance«, with which we can counteract large losses.
  • Own game currency: The game data refers to a “hazard zone currency”. We’ll probably use it to buy new weapons, attachments, gadgets, and perks.
  • Supply stations deliver ammunition and gadgets: There are probably supply stations distributed across the maps where you can refresh your ammunition and have gadgets delivered by vehicles. According to temporyal, at least the robot dog “Ranger” and the armored car HDT Storm can be ordered. The supply stations could also serve as a respawn facility.
  • Extraction by helicopter: If we want to leave the hazard zone, an extraction point must be taken and activated so that we can be picked up by helicopter. That should attract attention and alert our (AI) opponents. Extractions can also fail, which is likely to drastically reduce currency and experience points earned.
  • No extra maps: There are probably no dedicated maps for Hazard Zone. Instead, known maps from multiplayer are recycled and probably adapted minimally. According to temporyal, it should be playable on Orbital Hazard Zone.
  • Tactical upgrades for Hazard Zone: temporyal also provides an overview of possible upgrades for us or our squad. For example, with more ammunition, additional respawn options, more space for gadgets or faster healing, they are mostly quite classic. In the following tweet you get an overview.

It remains to be seen whether the gameplay details extracted by temporyal will end up in the finished Hazard Zone of Battlefield 2042. The information at least seems coherent and reminds – as many suspected and speculated – strongly of Hunt: Showdown, Escape from Tarkov, or the Dark Zone from The Division.

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