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Bayonetta 3: How to Defeat Devil Rodin



Bayonetta 3: How to Defeat Devil Rodin

In Bayonetta 3, there are more than 40 bosses in the game that you have to defeat and a few of them are secret bosses that can be unlocked by completing a requirement for them. One of the secret and strongest bosses in the game is Devil Rodin which can be unlocked by purchasing the Platinum Ticket from the Gates of Hell.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Devil Rodin in Bayonetta 3.

Defeating Devil Rodin

Devil Rodin can be fought in the Devil’s Duel chapter which is only accessible with the Platinum Ticket. After getting the Platinum Ticket, you’ll be able to select the Devil’s Duel chapter from the chapter selection screen and fight Devil Rodin. Devil Rodin will test all of your skills that you’ve learned throughout the game because Devil Rodin has close attacks, AoE attacks, and distance attacks. You must have a great reflex to dodge his attacks and use your combo on him to deplete his HP. Talking about the HP of Devil Rodin, he has a total of 10 HP bars which means your fight with him is going to be a long fight as you have to deplete all of his HP in order to defeat him.

  • Devil Rodin will use the fist that appears in the air and strike toward your location but it can be dodged easily. When you see the red round circle in the air, it means he is going to strike the fist, change your position to dodge the fist attack. Sometimes, Devil Rodin also combines the fist attack with a ground attack where he strikes from under you. You’ll see a red glare under your position and after changing your position, dodge in a direction to dodge both of his attacks. You can also aggress him while he is doing these attacks and hit him with the combos with your weapon or if you’re using the Mab Dachi, hit him with the combos to deal fire damage to him.
  • Devil Rodin also teleports around so if you are hitting any shots at him, it’ll not register on him. Try to maintain a distance from him when he is teleporting because he likes to swing the attacks when you get close to him. He’ll land two to three strikes on you so try to dodge it and use the Witch Time to land your combos and unleash the Demon on him to deal high damage to him.
  • Devil Rodin also likes to aggress where he’ll shoot toward you when he is far from you. You can dodge it by moving in another direction and using the Witch Time to land the combos with your weapon. You can also use the summons as well with your weapon and Witch Time to deal extreme damage to him.
  • One of the other attacks of Rodin is the Laser Shot that he does. If you see flashing on Devil Rodin, it means that he is going to shoot the Laser at you. When you see the flash, dodge it immediately and he’ll stand still and shoot the laser, and at that time, you can aggress him and hit him with the combos along with the Demon Masquerade of your weapon.
  • Devil Rodin also strikes down to create a ring that will damage you if you get hit by it. You can easily jump over it to dodge it and aggress him with your weapons while using the Witch Time to get more hits on him to deal more damage. One of the other AoE attacks that he does is that he strikes down to do several explosions in the area of the battle. In order to dodge this attack, don’t go far stay a bit close to him but don’t get too close. Most of the explosions will be in a distance so if you are in close proximity to him then you’ll be able to dodge them.

These were all of his attacks and as you deplete his HP, he’ll start to speed up his attacks. It’ll become a bit difficult later in the fight but if you find the right time to dodge the attacks and figure out when to aggress toward him then you’ll be able to defeat him in several minutes.

When you deplete all of his 10 HPs, you’ll defeat Devil Rodin and as a reward, you’ll get the Rodin weapon which is the most powerful weapon in the game. The price of the Rodin weapon in Gates of Hall is 9,999,999 seeds for which you have to farm a lot in the game.

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