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Bayonetta 3: How to Unlock Rodin Weapon



Bayonetta 3: How to Unlock Rodin Weapon

Along the story of Bayonetta 3, you’ll get different gauntlets/weapons by defeating the bosses. After defeating the boss you’ll get the corresponding weapon. One of the secret weapons that you can get is the Rodin Weapon.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Rodin Weapon in Bayonetta 3.

Unlocking Rodin Weapon

Rodin weapon is the most powerful weapon in the game and this weapon is a secret weapon that can be gotten by defeating Rodin in a boss fight. But Rodin is not a main story game boss fight, you’ll have to unlock this boss fight by doing several things. The things that you need to are the following.

  • Beat the Game
  • Get Million Seeds
  • Buy Platinum Ticket

After beating the game, you need to farm the seeds. You need to collect 999,999 seeds in total to buy the Platinum Ticket from the Gates of Hell. After getting the Platinum ticket, you’ll be able to fight Rodin in Devil’s Duel chapter. Select the chapter from the Chapter Select screen and you’ll fight Devil Rodin. Now, there are also a couple of ways to get the Rodin Weapon.

  • Defeat Devil Rodin in the Boss Fight
  • Get Defeated by Devil Rodin 100 times

Devil Rodin is very difficult to defeat because he has 10 HPs in total. The Devil Rodin’s weapon allows him to attack from a distance and he also has AoE attacks that deal a lot of damage. If you defeat Devil Rodin in the boss fight, you’ll get Rodin’s weapon free of cost.

However, if you are finding it hard to defeat the Devil Rodin then you can also choose to get defeated by him 100 times and then buy the Rodin Weapon from the shop in Gates of Hell. The price of the Rodin Weapon in the shop will be 9,999,999 Seeds for which you have to farm again.

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