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Bayonetta 3: How to Get All Bewitchments in Chapter 2



Bayonetta 3: How to Get All Bewitchments in Chapter 2

The Trophies/Achievements are gained by completing the Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3. You can complete these Bewitchments in each chapter and each chapter has a total of 5 Bewitchments that you can complete and get trophies/achievements.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get all Bewitchments in Chapter 2 of Bayonetta 3.

All Bewitchments in Chapter 2

Watch MC Enzo’s Show On The Giant Monitor

After the 1st Verse, look to the left side at the buildings and one of these buildings will be playing MC Enzo’s Show. Go in front of that building and watch it for a few seconds to get the Bewitchment.

Scare Stray Cats With Infernal Demons 3 Times

There’ll be stray cats sitting on the cliffs near the temple. Use the Infernal Demons gauntlet to scare the cats away. At the start of the level near the Crow Umbran, there’ll be a parking lot on the right side of the buildings. Use the Infernal Demons to scare the cats to get the Bewitchment.

Ride Phantasmaraneae Without Falling Into Any Pits Or Clouds Of Erasure

During the sequence with Phantasmaraneae, avoid the pits and clouds to get the Bewitchment.

Take A Specific Path While Riding Phantasmaraneae

While riding the Phantasmaraneae, go up the twisting highway and on the path, there’ll be a route on the left side. Go on that left route to get the Bewitchment.

Stop Asperatus With Massive Web 3 Times

You need to do the web attack three times while fighting the enemies at any point in the second chapter to get this Bewitchment.

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