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Bayonetta 3: All Umbran Tears of Blood Locations – Chapter 2



Bayonetta 3: All Umbran Tears of Blood Locations – Chapter 2

The main collectibles that you’ll find in all the chapters are Umbran Tears of Blood that’ll unlock an alternate challenge of the chapter. Completing the side chapters will reward you with new weapons. There are three different Umbran Tears of Blood in every chapter and they are represented by a Crow, a Toad, and a Cat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all Umbran Tears of Blood in the second chapter of Bayonetta 3.

Umbran Tears of Blood Locations – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 has 8 Verses and by fighting your way through all of the Verses, you’ll also find the Umbran Tears of Bloods in the areas of the Verses.


In the area of the 2nd Verse, go to the starting building, you’ll see the crow sitting on the round building. The crow will start flying around the buildings. You need to use the butterfly or spider to catch the crow.


On the right side of the building on which the crow was sitting, there is a parking lot. Clear out the cars and trucks with your weapon and you’ll see one of the cats start running around in the parking lot. Use the butterfly to catch the cat.


After Verse 7, you’ll get the Spider Gauntlet and you need to go towards the giant tower and turn to the left side. You’ll hear a Toad croaking. Go to the rock and there’ll be a Toad sitting on the rock. Go near it to grab the Toad.

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