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Bayonetta 3: How to Defeat Golem (Secret Boss)



Bayonetta 3: How to Defeat Golem (Secret Boss)

In Bayonetta 3, there are more than 40 bosses in the game that you have to defeat and a few of them are secret bosses that can be unlocked by completing a requirement for them. One of the secret bosses in the game is Golem which can be unlocked by collecting the Medallion Shards.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat the Golem in Bayonetta 3.

Defeating Golem

Golem is one of the main bosses in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 but in Bayonetta 3 it came as a secret boss for which you have to gather all the Medallion Shards in the game to make a Blue Medallion which will reveal its location on the map. Select the Artifact Unleashed location on the map to go to Golem. Golem has laser attacks along with some AoE attacks that deal a great amount of damage but if you dodge them on time, you’ll be able to defeat Golem in no time.

Golem has 4 HP bars in total and the key to dealing maximum damage to Golem is to break its frame and hit the orange ball in its middle. You can break its frame by hitting it hard with your weapon or summoning a dragon or demon.

  • Golem shoots multiple lasers in all directions and you can stay in the middle of the lasers to dodge the attack and aggress it in the same position to hit it with the combos of your weapon. You can also use Witch Time to get extra hits on Golem along with the demon masquerade of your weapon.
  • If you manage to break the frame of the Golem, hit the ball as much as you can with your weapon, and summon to deal maximum damage. When its frame comes back, it’ll charge towards to you and hit the ground that does AoE damage if you stand close to it. When you see it charging on to you, dodge it and wait for it to complete the AoE attack and then start hitting it with your combos.
  • Golem also likes to switch its forms and it’ll convert into other things and try to hit you. At this point, try summoning the demon to attack it so it can break its frame again and give you the chance to deal damage to it.
  • Golem will also charge you and try to follow you on the ground. Make sure to move out of its way and when it stops, hit it with your weapon combos and use the Witch Time to get extra hits on to it.

Make sure to use your summon as much as you can in this fight because the summon will hold the Golem from pushing you and breaking its frame which will give you the advantage to hit the ball with all the abilities and combos to deal maximum damage. When you deplete all of its four HP bars, you’ll defeat Golem.

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