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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Chapter 5: The Mad Circus – Walkthrough



Chapter 5: The Mad Circus

In this guide, we’ll be covering the fifth chapter of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Chapter 5: The Mad Circus – Walkthrough

Talk to the wisp and go ahead on the path. Break the Vines with Cheshire’s Slash attack to keep following the wolf’s tracks. There will be a couple of NPCs as well along the way so, feel free to talk to them as well. Use the Witch’s Pulse at the plant to make a way ahead then go to the tower and you need to break the floor in the middle. Use Witch’s Pulse on the plant on the left side of the tower and grab the bomb from the plant. Now, throw the bomb on the floor to break it.

Go down the ladder and go to the left side to interact with the lever to lower the bridge. Go ahead and fight the enemies and then walk on the vine to reach a new area.

The Mad Circus (Amadan’s Big Top) – Walkthrough

As you enter the new area, you will find a lantern. Save the progress and go ahead on the path. You will find a lever that you need to pull to the left side with Wood Cheshire. Once done, a train will come on the track. Jump on one of the boxes of the train to go ahead. As you reach down from the tracks, a cutscene will start and after that, you will get to fight a boss named “Amadan Dubh”.

The Mad Circus (Stone Shrine) – Walkthrough

After defeating the boss, go ahead on the opened path to enter the Stone Shrine. You need to go close to the Stone Elemental Core in front and press the R Button to unleash Cheshire and then press the ZR Button multiple times at the shrine to break the core. Once you have done that, Cheshire will get Stone Elemental Abilities that can be equipped by pressing the B Button.

Stone Shrine

Now, come back on the same path and go to the right side until you reach stones blocking the path. Press the L Button to absorb stone power to remove the stones. Go ahead on the path and you will see a weakened platform. Go up on the platform and press the R Button to break it with Cheshire. Go inside the hole and go under the door to start a cutscene.

After the cutscene, go ahead on the path and save the progress at the lantern. Keep following the path until you reach the enemies. Kill the enemies and go ahead to go down the ladder. Move Cheshire to the middle platform and move Cereza to the right platform. Do a stomp with Cheshire on the middle platform to lift up Cereza’s platform. Call back Cheshire and go up on the yellow mushroom. Stomp on the mushroom to lift off to the other side.

Go ahead and jump on the moving circular platform. Move Cheshire on the lower side to lift up the upper side. Now, move Cereza ahead and call Cheshire back. Now, jump on the Mushroom to go up and follow the wolf’s tracks. Go up the ladder and follow the wolf’s track. Fight the enemies and go ahead on the path to jump on the mushrooms. Go ahead and cross the lasers to go to the big mushroom. Change Cheshire to Wood to jump on the mushroom and then turn him into Stone to jump off of the Mushroom.

Stomp on Mushroom

Jump on the mushrooms and then follow the wolf’s tracks. Break the roots in the path and go ahead to start a cutscene. After that, you will be back at the Sanctuary in the Leafy Nook area.

The Mad Circus (Leafy Nook) – Walkthrough

Go to the left side and you will see the white wolf above you. Jump off the mushroom on the side to reach the ledge and follow its tracks. As you go ahead, you will reach a new area named “Windy Knot” and it will conclude the fifth chapter.

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