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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – What is Inferno Fruit & How to Get Them



Inferno Fruit

There are a number of different materials that players will find as they progress through the main story of the game. All of the shiny orbs that you see along the journey of Cereza are materials and resources that can be used in concoctions or upgrading the skills of the characters. One of the most useful materials that players will want to get is Inferno Fruit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is Inferno Fruit and how you can get them in Bayonetta Orgins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

What is Inferno Fruit

Inferno Fruit is one of the rarest materials in Avalon Forest that players can find throughout the journey. Inferno Fruit allows Cheshire to unlock more powerful Skills and Abilities in his Skill Tree. It is equivalent to what Moon Pearl does and the only difference is that it is for Cheshire and Moon Pearl is for Cereza. So, if you want to unlock more powerful skills and abilities for both of the characters, you will have to collect them throughout the journey.

As you might have known that Cheshire’s skills are learned by consuming Avalon Drops, you would still have to collect the Avalon Drops to learn the powerful skills because Inferno Fruit will only unlock them on the Skill Tree.

Where to Get Inferno Fruit

Inferno Fruit is just like Moon Pearl which is hidden away on a secret path or behind a Tir Na Nog Challenge. You will have to look around the areas you unlock in the Avalon Forest to find the Inferno Fruit. You might get Inferno Fruit by clearing out the wave of enemies in an area as well. So, if you find a number of enemies in an area, clear them to obtain useful materials.

Eat Inferno Fruit

However, you will not find any Inferno Fruit until you have reached Chapter 4: Cereza’s Resolve. During the progression in the chapter, you will unveil an Inferno Fruit and it will unlock a powerful Skill for Cheshire. After that, Inferno Fruits will be available in all different areas of Avalon Forest.

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