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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – What Are Moon Pearls & How to Get Them



Moon Pearl

There are a number of different materials that players will find as they progress through the main story of the game. All of the shiny orbs that you see along the journey of Cereza are materials and resources that can be used in concoctions or upgrading the skills of the characters. One of the most useful materials that players will want to get is Moon Pearl.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what are Moon Pearls and how you can get them in Bayonetta Orgins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

What Are Moon Pearls

Moon Pearl is one of the materials that are essential for enhancing the abilities of Cereza. If you are wondering if there are more skills & abilities in the game, the answer is yes and you can unlock them by collecting Moon Pearls. Moon Pearl is a shiny jewel that possesses the power of the moon. These can be found along the journey of Cereza and as you collect more of them, you will unlock more powerful skills of Cereza.

How to Get Moon Pearl

Moon Pearl is one of those materials that you will not find lying at some random place. They are located in different areas of Avalon Forest and they are recognized by the shiny rocks with a person inside them. In order to get the Moon Pearl, you will have to break free person inside the Shiny Rock.

However, freeing the person requires different types of abilities and you will have to solve a small puzzle in order to get a Pearl Moon. These Shiny Rocks are located at hidden places for which you have to go through different Tir Na Nog Challenges as well as other puzzles. It is always useful to look for other paths to find these hidden places.

Shiny Rock

The very first Moon Pearl can be found in Chapter 4: Cereza’s Resolve. Once you have located the shiny rock, you will have to interact with it to get the Moon Pearl. So, if you pass by any Shiny Rock along your journey. Take some time to figure out how to get at the location of the rock and then break free person to get the Moon Pearl.

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