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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – How to Make Healing Tonic



Healing Tonic

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is an Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore different locations filled with dark and magical creatures. As players progress through the game, the enemies will get tougher and in order to clear them without dying, you must have Healing Tonics with you to keep healing and keeping Cereza’s Vitality filled.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Healing Tonic in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Making Healing Tonic

Progressing through the prologue and the first chapter of the game is relatively easier than the rest of the game because, in the second chapter, you will get a tutorial on basic combat mechanics. You will have to clear the area from the enemies to go further ahead. As there are chances that you might take a hit from enemies along your journey, you want to use Healing Tonic to heal. You can find Healing Tonics by looting the chests. Since chests are very limited, you will have to make them on your own to survive for long. To make the Healing Tonic, follow the following steps.

  • Find a Sanctuary along your journey to rest at it.
  • Interact with the Sanctuary and select the option “Concoct”.
  • It will open the Concocting menu in which you will see the Healing Tonic’s Recipe.
  • Press the A Button to select the Healing Tonic recipe and then select the number of Healing Tonics you want to make by using the Left Stick.
  • Once you have selected the number of Tonics as well, press the A Button to begin Concoction.
  • Press the A Button to add Compounds and then rotate the Left stick until the white meter fills up to mix the Compounds to make Healing Tonic.
Making Healing Tonic

Compounds for Healing Tonic

The Compounds (Materials) required to concoct Healing Tonic are the following.

  • 5x Mandragora Root
  • 15x Baked Gecko
  • 10x Unicorn Horn
Healing Tonic Recipe

Players will get these materials as they go along the journey as well as these can be found by looting the chests. So make sure to grab the shiny materials on the path and loot the chests to obtain the compounds.

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