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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon: How to Unlock and Make Demonic Mist



Demonic Mist is the last concoction that you will find in the game and after finding it, you will be able to craft it at the Sanctuary. It is one of the useful potions in the game and it will let you use Cheshire for a longer period of time. You can unlock it in the early hours of the game along with other potions.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and make Demonic Mist in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Unlock Demonic Mist

The very first Demonic Mist that you can find in the game is in Chapter 3: The First Elemental Core. You can also find it in later chapters but if you want to unlock it early, you can in the third chapter of the game. You need to progress in the chapter until you reach an area named “Lake Nimueh”. You will reach it after you have cleared an area named “Calamity”. Once you have reached it, you will see a flower in front at which you have to use the Witch’s Pulse to make the path but if you go towards the left side from that location, you will find a hidden area.

Go to the left side until you reach a vine. Now, cross over the water by walking on the vine and go to the right side. You will see a couple of Platforms flying in the air. You need to jump on the platforms to get to the bridge but as you go near the platform, you will be encountered by enemies. Clear the arena from the enemies and then make your way to the platform when it comes down. Now, wait for the other platform to come down as well, and then jump on it. Now, make your way to the wooden bridge and take out the enemy on the left side.

Stick to the path on the left and break the roots to open the path ahead. You will see a locked chest ahead and in order to open it, you will have to break the golden plant in front of the chest. Use Thorn Bind on the plant and then use Cheshire to destroy it. It will produce more golden plants and you will have to destroy all golden plants by using the Thorn Bind and Cheshire. You will have to destroy 6 plants in total and once you have done that, the chest will unlock and you will be able to loot it. Loot the chest to find and unlock Demonic Mist.

Make Demonic Mist

To make the Demonic Mist, you will be required the following compounds.

  • 15x Mandragora Root
  • 10x Baked Gecko
  • 35x Unicorn Horn

You will get the compounds in the forest as well as from looting the chests. Once you have the resources, follow the following steps to make the Demonic Mist.

  • Find a Sanctuary along your journey to rest at it.
  • Interact with the Sanctuary and select the option “Concoct”.
  • It will open the Concocting menu in which you will see the Demonic Mist’s Recipe.
  • Press the A Button to select the Demonic Mist recipe and then select the number of Demonic Mists you want to make by using the Left Stick.
  • Once you have selected the number of Tonics as well, press the A Button to begin Concoction.
  • Press the A Button to add Compounds and then rotate the Left stick until the white meter fills up to mix the Compounds to make Demonic Mist.
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