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Children of the Sun: Removing Evidence Walkthrough



Children of the Sun: Removing Evidence Walkthrough

Removing Evidence is the fourth stage in Children of the Sun that players will unlock after completing the Being Stuck stage. This guide will help you in completing the Removing Evidence stage in Children of the Sun.

Removing Evidence – Walkthrough

Completing the Removing Evidence stage will require you to eliminate all 6 cultist targets in the area. Three cultists can be found outside in the open whereas, the other three targets are separated. Two of them are inside the house on the right side and the last one is inside the house on the left side.

You can mark the targets instantly who are in the open and for the other targets, move around the area to mark all of them. Upon marking all of the targets, come back to the starting point, shoot the target that is inside the house on the right side, and from there, start eliminating all the targets one by one.

If you choose to shoot all of the targets in the middle first, then it will be difficult for you to get an angle on the targets that are inside the house. It is best to shoot the target in the house and then shoot a single target outside and then another target inside the house and so on.

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