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Children of the Sun: Being Stuck – Walkthrough



Children of the Sun: Being Stuck – Walkthrough

Being Stuck is the third stage in Children of the Sun that players will unlock after completing the A Vulture stage. This guide will help you in completing the Being Stuck stage in Children of the Sun.

Being Stuck – Walkthrough

There are five cultist targets that you need to eliminate in the Being Stuck stage. The targets are split between groups of three and two cultists which can be found next to the cars. There are two different ways that you can complete this stage. You can either shoot every target with the rifle one by one or you can shoot the gas tank of the cars to kill all of them at once.

To begin clearing out the targets, first mark them with your rifle. Use the Scope to mark the targets near the cars. Once you have marked all five targets, mark the Gas Tanks of the vehicles as well. There are three cars in the area and the hidden car is in the middle of both cars. Move a bit to the left side to see a shiny green object. Zoom in on it to mark it.

Now, that you have marked everything, it is time to take out the targets. Shoot the gas tank of the car on the left side with two targets, then shoot the gas tank of the car in the middle, and lastly, shoot the final car with the three targets to eliminate all of them.

After taking out all the targets successfully, the stage will be cleared and you will see the final score for the stage along with the Leaderboards with the highest scores in this stage. You can always replay the stages and try to get even higher scores to climb up to the top of the leaderboards.

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