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Cities: Skylines II – How to Supply Water to Citizens



Cities: Skylines II - Supply Water

Keeping your citizens happy is your priority in the Cities: Skylines II as it is the key element to push your city to success. However, citizens have their needs which you need to fulfill for them to have a healthy and wealthy living in the city. Water is one of the key requirements for the citizens along with Electricity and Sewage that will allow the first inhabitants to move into your city.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to supply water to citizens in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Supply Water to Citizens in Cities: Skylines II

To provide water throughout your city and the homes of citizens, you need to build pumping stations that pump water either from underground or the main water resource. There are two types of pumping stations in Cities: Skylines II which can supply water to citizens.

  • Water Pumping Station
  • Groundwater Pumping Station

The Water Pumping Station extracts water from a lake or river and delivers it to the city via water pipes. You can also upgrade the Water Pumping Station with an extra pump to increase the water quantity. Groundwater Pumping Station extracts water from the underground water deposits and delivers it to the city via water pipes. It can also be upgraded with an extra pump as well as an advanced filtering system. Follow the following steps to provide water to the city.

  • Select the ‘Water’ tab from the bar and select one of the pumping stations. If you have a nearby lake or river then you can choose to select the Water Pumping Station otherwise, you can choose the Groundwater Pumping Station.
  • Use the Snapping tool to view the underground water deposits and place the Groundwater Pumping Station on top of the deposits to extract the water.
  • Build the road near the deposit to place the Groundwater Pumping Station.
  • After placing a pumping station, see if it is far from the actual city to use the water pipes (blue color pipes) to connect the same colored pipes leading to the city.

Once you have placed the pumping station and made its connection with the main city water supply, your citizens will get clean water to keep them happy and healthy.

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