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Crusader Kings III: Barber Function Explained – How To Use It



Crusader Kings III: Barber Function Explained - How To Use It

A barber usually takes care of hair. In Crusader Kings III, however, the scope of tasks extends beyond that. We explain how you can use the barber function in the medieval game.

Crusader Kings III: How to Use the Barber Feature

The Barber is a function that you can call up at any time to change the appearance of game characters in Crusader Kings III.

  • To do this, open the character window of a figure and then right-click on its graphic. Select the scissors symbol in the top right of the additional window, if it is displayed.
  • The barber feature is only available to characters under your direct control. These are your ruler and his spouse and, for example, their children.

The barber window is clearly arranged: You have various options in the categories of clothing, headgear, hair, and beard, and you can also change the hair color. Depending on whether you want to adopt a figure more precisely to the circumstances, or whether you are simply looking for a bit of variety, the barber function can help.

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